Easy Decorating Tips

Be Odd, Not Even
Accessories in similar sizes are more attractive on a table or shelf in groups of three rather than even-numbered combinations.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
To make a small room appear much larger, hang a mirror opposite a window. You will be amazed at the result and the infusion of light. 

Sophisticated Color Combinations
When choosing paint colors for a room, use the 60:30:10 rule, One color for 60 percent of the room, another for 30 percent and finally a brighter color for the remaining 10 percent.

Squares and Circles
If your furniture tends to be rectangular or square, add oval or round coffee tables, end tables or ottomans for balance.

Anchor Your Rugs
Rugs that float by themselves in the center or side of a room are distracting and jarring. Anchor it with the feet of a chair, bed, table or other furniture.

Accentuate a View
Accentuate a great view by choosing draperies in a color similar to the wall color.  This technique provides the least visual disruption and emphasizes the expansiveness of the exterior landscape when viewed beyond the window.

Go Metallic
Sprinkle in some metallics. A shimmery lamp, light fixture or object will have an effect similar to that of a mirror, reflecting light and brightening up a space.