Rooms Refreshed

For the Rooms Refreshed experience, I bring my decorating skills in composing and arranging for television, film and photography to your home. I transform your space in ways that soothe and inspire. Now you, too, can have picture-perfect and highly functional rooms that flow easily and connect with your lifestyle.

In the course of your makeover, your existing furniture, accessories and art will be rearranged and repurposed to establish a fresh and attractive look. We will consider integrating objects from other rooms. Color, additional furniture and/or accessories for purchase may be suggested to finalize the look. 

Rooms Refreshed begins with a client consultation to give me a head start on creating a comfortable, stress-free and beautifully personalized room (or rooms) makeover for you and your family. Some of the topics we will discuss include:

  • family detail—besides you, who are others who live or spend time in your house including pets.
  • lifestyle—do you entertain, are you casual or formal, what are your hobbies and activities, where do you eat, at what meals and how many
  • objectives—which room(s) are you looking to have refreshed; what specific functions you want incorporated such as a working space, dining area or more storage.
  • style—what kind of surroundings make you happy; do you have a favorite look or style.

Fee Schedule

My fee for first-time client consultation is $50. Rooms Refreshed is $100/hour and runs approximately 3–4 hours depending on the size of your house. Additional hours are charged at $100/hour.


Shopping Services

Accessories, lighting, rugs, furniture and other household items can be sourced through my network of vendors from my years of working in film as a personal shopper to our set decorating team. I have curated a wonderful array of unique and discerning vendors.

All shopping services are $75 per hour online or in store.


Color Consultation

Color choice for your home is perhaps the most effective decorative feature to take a room from ordinary to “fabulous.”

The colors we choose for a home, office or even clothing we wear, can affect or mood. We feel energized by some and calmed by others. Darker colors can create a “cozy” feeling, while brights can “lift us up.”

I work with the existing floors, cabinetry, furniture and lighting throughout your home. We will create a cohesive palette together that creates a flow from room to room and is satisfying throughout.

Once we choose a palette, at your request, I will purchase small 8 oz. sample jars and apply 4” x 4” squares of each color choice with two coats. Then you will have the opportunity to live with the color palette for a couple of days and evaluate all types of lighting by day and night. When you are happy with the result, we can begin the process of painting ad transform your space. I look forward to assisting you in this fun and satisfying experience.

Color consultations are $125 per hour.


Here’s what my clients are saying:

“Lisanne is an artist gifted with a deep understanding of comfort and style.  She possesses that rare combination of being able to fully listen to what is needed/desired and the resourcefulness to know how to make it all happen.

She is always on time and on budget, and brings a profound sense of joy to her work.”

— DJ, Los Angeles, Set Decorator


“Our time together was transformational. What a rewarding experience to receive a mega dose of your magic. You really know how to cast a spell and unlock our minds to visualize the logical use of space, color, style and design. I especially loved your comment about “shopping at home.” You helped us see the possibilities and choices available to transform the house into our home. Nice wizardry!

You won’t believe the master bedroom. Turning the bed was genius. Now the bedroom is inviting and a comfortable, cozy space. The living room no longer feels like a furniture showroom. The black Eames chair is back creating a more harmonious color palette. We now use the couch more often and the room finally feels right. I’ll send photos. Next stop, the dining room.”

— Frank Cody, Galisteo, NM


“Because I have Parkinson’s disease and can no longer do everything myself, I hired Lisanne’s ReNest Home company to help remodel and organize my house. She can do everything and anything. She provided color consultation for the walls, the fireplace and even the furniture. Lisanne excels at sourcing goods. She helped us buy furniture, hang pictures, and de-clutter the kitchen.

Lisanne found window treatments for our bedroom and purchased a perfect red glass bowl for our Art Deco bathroom. She is one of the most diligent and highly responsible workers I have ever encountered and doesn’t leave any task until it is perfectly done.

Lisanne is a magician who can transform a so-so house into something sensational. I highly recommend her.”

— Peggy van Hulsteyn, Award-Winning Author, Santa Fe, NM


“Lisanne, I can’t thank you enough for your incredible suggestions for revitalizing my man cave in San Mateo. Everyone who walks in cannot believe the transformation. Adding red and gray to the walls ties in remarkably well with the pre-existing colors. The wall you dedicated to “wall art” including vintage thermometers, advertising signs and company logos look great and has a lot of visual impact.

By painting the stained wood TV equipment furniture gray, you converted a traditional formal piece of furniture into a companion piece to the new industrial look you created… you changed the entire room and I only had to replace one piece of furniture. Thanks for your help. You are the best!”

— Bob Guglielmi, SC Properties, San Mateo, CA


“I hired Lisanne to do a color consult for my newly purchased, groundbreaking restaurant. The original colors throughout the building were dull and lifeless and I was hoping for a more contemporary and fun atmosphere for my guests. She took colors from our logo and arranged them in an exciting arrangement throughout. It really made our corporate identity pop! I loved Lisanne’s suggestions that ultimately gave us the flair we were looking for. Bravo!”

— Steve Spitts, Restaurant Owner, FARE PDQ, Belmont, CA

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