Ransom Canyon S1Assistant Decorator2024
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad DaySet Dressing Buyer2023
Big Sky S3Assistant Decorator2022
Waco: The AftermathSet Dressing Buyer2022
Lebron James “Uninterrupted”Art Assistant Buyer2021
Hot PinkSet Dressing Buyer2021
When You Finish Saving the WorldSet Dressing Buyer2021
Barb & Star Go To Vista Del MarSet Dressing Buyer2019
Silk RoadSet Dressing Buyer2019
Our Lady of Perpetual GraceSet Dressing Buyer2018
Better Call Saul (Season 4)Set Dressing Buyer2018
DreamlandSet Dressing Buyer2018
WacoSet Dressing Buyer2017
Cliffs of Freedom
Set Dressing Buyer2016
Better Call Saul (Season 2)Set Dressing Buyer2015
Manhattan (Season 2)Set Dressing Buyer2015
LongmireSet Dressing Buyer2013
Enemy WaySet Dressing Buyer2013
Odd ThomasSet Dressing Buyer2011
Did You Hear About The Morgan’s?Set Dressing Buyer2009
The Book of EliSet Dressing Buyer2009
Crash—TV SeriesSet Dressing Buyer2008
Georgia O’KeeffeSet Dressing Buyer2008
Night and DaySet Dressing Buyer2008
Not ForgottenSet Dressing Buyer2008
Observe and ReportSet Dressing Buyer2008
The BurrowersSet Dressing Buyer2007
Swing VoteSet Dressing Buyer2007
Comanche MoonSet Dressing Buyer2006
Doubting ThomasSet Dressing Buyer2006
Welcome to AmericaSet Dressing Buyer2006
First SnowSet Dressing Buyer2005
Wildfire—TV Series (season 1)Set Dressing Buyer2005
CosmosCostumer/Set Costumer2018
WolverineCostumer/Set Costumer2016
Ideal HomeCostumer/Set Costumer2016
The Untitled Mars ProjectCostumer/Set Costumer2016
The Lone RangerCostumer/Set Costumer2012
In Plain SightCostumer/Set Costumer2007
No Country for Old MenCostumer/Set Costumer2006
Wild HogsCostumer/Set Costumer2006
Into the WestCostumer/Set Costumer2005
Stranger Things/Tareco Season 4Food Stylist2021
The Harder They FallFood Stylist2020
Midnight TexasFood Stylist2019
Sicario: Day of SaldadoFood Stylist2018
Ideal HomeFood Stylist2016
Better Call SaulFood Stylist2015
As Cool As I AmFood Stylist2013
Observe and ReportFood Stylist2008
SurroundedCraft Service Assistant2020
Elaine O’DonnellSet Decorator917.971.6304
Dea JensenSet Decorator310.980.8249
Helen BritenSet Decorator512.627.1120
Susan MagestroSet Decorator505.795.6522
Peter StephensonSet Decorator505.670.9660
Wil PhauSet Decorator505.660.6167
Kevin PierceSet Decorator

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