ReNest Home

ReNest Home uses my passion as an interior stylist to create intimate relationships between one’s surroundings and one’s well being. The power of creating the right environments have always moved me. I believe individuals, consciously or unconsciously, use their interior spaces to convey something about themselves. When people outgrow their spaces, they often need someone they trust to realign their environments to better reflect that personal evolution.

The ReNest concept begins by articulating what your new storyline is.  Then, using primarily what you already own, the Redesign process begins by first repurposing and reinterpreting as much of what you already own as possible by giving it a new, fresh context.  This can include editing (adding or subtract items from your space) choose an alternative color palette as a new background for your newly arranged furnishings which better combine the old and the new.  The goal as always is to reignite a stale interior by infusing it with an updated aesthetic, harmony, and functionality that better reflect the dweller.

Any home, be it large or small, is ultimately your nest, where you live and love, are nurtured and fed. I believe you deserve to live in a harmonious environment.

It would be my pleasure to assist you in RE-Nesting by updating your living space to complement your personality, taste and lifestyle.

Client Endorsements

“Lisanne, I can’t thank you enough for your incredible suggestions for revitalizing my man cave in San Mateo. Everyone who walks in cannot believe the transformation. Adding red and gray to the walls ties in remarkably well with the pre-existing colors. The wall you dedicated to “wall art” including vintage thermometers, advertising signs and company logos look great and has a lot of visual impact. By painting the stained wood TV equipment furniture gray, you converted a traditional formal piece of furniture into a companion piece to the new industrial look you created… you changed the entire room and I only had to replace one piece of furniture. Thanks for your help. You are the best!”

— Bob Guglielmi, SC Properties, San Mateo, CA

“Because I have Parkinson’s disease and can no longer do everything myself, I hired Lisanne’s ReNest Home company to help remodel and organize my house. She can do everything and anything. She provided color consultation for the walls, the fireplace and even the furniture. Lisanne excels at sourcing goods. She helped us buy furniture, hang pictures, and de-clutter the kitchen. Lisanne found window treatments for our bedroom and purchased a perfect red glass bowl for our Art Deco bathroom. She is one of the most diligent and highly responsible workers I have ever encountered and doesn’t leave any task until it is perfectly done. Lisanne is a magician who can transform a so-so house into something sensational. I highly recommend her.”

— Peggy van Hulsteyn, Award-Winning Author, Santa Fe, NM

“I hired Lisanne to do a color consult for my newly purchased, groundbreaking restaurant. The original colors throughout the building were dull and lifeless and I was hoping for a more contemporary and fun atmosphere for my guests. She took colors from our logo and arranged them in an exciting arrangement throughout. It really made our corporate identity pop! I loved Lisanne’s suggestions that ultimately gave us the flair we were looking for. Bravo!”

—Steve Spitts, Restaurant Owner, FARE PDQ, Belmont, CA

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